TechnoShift is a leading technology transfer company. We are connecting businesses and extending innovative solutions from all around the world. We are also providing consultancy services and develop software solutions. We are mainly focusing on Identifying innovative products and projects (particularly in the fields of Technology and Science), Identifying needs and market niches, Investigating business opportunities and assessing risks, Matching business and clients, and Transferring technologies.

Here at TechnoShift, we speak the language of providers and customers. We operate in different countries and we have an extended multi-cultural awareness. We strongly believe that differences are great triggers of new ventures, new innovations, and new markets.

We are helping companies to grow and find the right products, clients, and partners. Our passion and commitment is to drive organizations towards achieving performance excellence. Our expertise includes working with companies operating in various sectors, including Oil and Gas, Construction, Drones, IT and Telecommunication, Renewable Energy, Education, Manufacturing, Transport, Logistics, Machine Learning, Water Management, and Healthcare.